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People who have helped with this website.
The following people have helped this site by being very generous in suppling pictures, scans, and actual items for me to use. If I haven't said this enough, "THANKS!!!".

Al Backiel - scans and information.

Steve Bender - scans.

Dan Boris - information, emulator, MESS driver... basically all things technical. Thanks again Dan.

Juergen Buchmueller - MESS driver, bug fixes and improvements.

Garth "Tony" Clowes - CEO and Chairman of Entex Industries, Inc.

Andrew Davie - scans and information.

Will Fong - scans and information.

Jaro Gielens - scans.

Dave Grohowski - ROM backups.

Tsuneo Hanzawa - Entex Industries, Inc. Tokyo division manager for 8 years.

Kevin Karstens - donated screen-saver (

Greg Kiner - items for website. Thanks again Greg.

Jan Lai - information.

Tim Lindquist - ROM backups.

Robert McCaslin - Entex Industries, Inc. CREATOR of the AdventureVision system.

C. Miller - items for website.

Ward Shrake - ROM backups, scans and information.

Tom Spilliaert - items for website.

Curt Vendel - information.

Brett Walach - scans.