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ORIGINAL PROTOTYPE information from system creator Robert McCaslin is here.

MESS32 v.66
System BIOS
Defender ROM
Space Force ROM
Super Cobra ROM
Turtles ROM

Here are three programs that might be useful if you are interested in modifying the above binaries.
8048 Dis-assembler
ROM Hack
More information is also available on Dan's homepage at:
Specifically, his Odyssey 2 Tech Page is of most importance(since the O^2 uses an 8048 also).

Cartridge Adapter to easily use 2532 ROMs with the system .

The system has three PCBs. One for the display, one for the joystick, and the main PCB.

Dan Boris schematics for joystick PCB:
1. Sound Schematic
2. Key Pad Schematic

Super Cobra Sound Samples:
Helicopter .mp3 sample (25KB)
Missile .mp3 sample (3KB)
Bomb .mp3 sample (4KB)
Explosion .mp3 sample (10KB)
(NOTE: .wav files available upon request)

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